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Welcome to the Chair for Civil Law, German and European Competition Law!

Our team, headed by Prof. Dr. Rupprecht Podszun, undertakes research in the fields of competition law / antitrust law, unfair practices law and some aspects of intellectual property law. In particular, we analyse the work of the Bundeskartellamt (the German national competition agency) and the DG Competition of the European Commission. Rupprecht Podszun advised the German Parliament as an expert for the reform of competition law and also served as an expert consultant for the German Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Economics.

We also teach and work on matters of general civil law. We favour an evolutionary approach to the law (“evolutionary legal theory”).

Please find some first information on our work here on our website, in our blog www.d-kart.de and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions!

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