Legal counselling for students

The Faculty of Law of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf offers support for persons seeking advice on legal issues (German law, only available in Düsseldorf, German-language service):  In the framework of the undefined“Legal Counselling for Students” service, advanced-level law students help you – under the guidance of lawyers qualified to hold the office of judge - with your legal problems.

Refugee Law Clinic Düsseldorf

The Refugee Law Clinic Düsseldorf is an association of university students and offers free legal advice for refugees and asylum seekers. It supports and advices you when you have to file applications, go to appointments at the German authorities or in other related issues. The students are continuously trained in asylum and migration law and work closely with a pool of experienced lawyers in asylum and migration law in order to ensure that you get advice of high quality.

undefinedRefugee Law Clinic Düsseldorf

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