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PodCast "ReLex" [German]

ReLex - the Duesseldorf Law Clinic Podcast

"ReLex", the PodCast of Düsseldorf Law Clinic gives a general introduction to common legal issues we often see in our cases.

We spoke to experts and enriched our own experiences with additional information.

Episode 1 - Subscription Traps (approx. 6 minutes)

Our first episode covers Subscription Traps - a single click may lead to huge (periodic) payments. What defenses are available? Do you really have to pay? We give detailled information [in German]

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Episode 2 - Appealing your Exams (ca. 12 Minuten)

Our second Podcast covers student's rights who feel wronged by the way their exams are reviewed or graded. Failed your exam? Feel that your professor seems biased? We give you the facts!

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Episode 3 - Moonlighting and illegal work (approx. 14 minutes)

Our third Podcasts covers work without taxes or social security payments - a highly practical topic often kept silent. What are the rights and duties of employers and employees? Do you have to pay? What about warranty claims? We give you the facts!

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Episode 4 - Filesharing (approx. 14 minutes)

You tried using BitTorrent to download movies or games just once - and immediately received a notification by a German law firm? What are the risks of Filesharing - and how should you react when caught? We give you the facts!

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Episode 5 - Filesharing II (approx. 8 minutes)

Filesharing is even more complex than expected - our previous podcast gave rise to many further questions and requests by email. Therefore we proudly present the sequel: Sascha Kremer, a leading expert, answers our questions regarding liability for the use of your internet connection by third parties.

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Episode 6 - Employee liability (approx. 6 minutes)

It can happen so quickly - as a student employee you drop a plate or even hurt someone. This can quickly amount to high damage payments - can small income jobs really give rise to unlimited liability? We asked experts and give you the facts.

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Episode 7 - Streaming (approx. 14 minutes)

Downloading (and sharing) Movies is illegal - but what about Streaming? Even though "kino.to" was closed down, an increasing amount of people prefer illegal platforms to cinema or expensive providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Sufficient cause to ask the GVU for cause and consequences.

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