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Univerzity Karlovy v Praze (Prague-Czech Republic)

Univerzity Karlovy v Praze (Prague-Czech Republic)


Univerzity Karlovy v Praze


Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and has 1.2 million inhabitants. The university is located in the heart of Prague in a grand building.




2 (2 x 9 months)



Semester dates:

Winter semester: the first week in October until Christmas (twelve weeks), then a six week-examination period

Summer semester: mid-February until mid-May (twelve weeks), then a six week-examination period

Language requirements:

English: B2 or

Czech: B2

The Faculty has designed a special programme for Erasmus students: “The Czech Legal System in European Context” (CLS). This is a nine-month programme, comprising 18 courses and is taught in English.


You have the option of staying in a hall of residence. Applications for a place are taken at the same time as the online application procedure. Halls of residence are only rented out on a long-term basis and not only whilst you are looking for an alternative. You need to pay a deposit, from which loss of earnings is offset where applicable if after a few days or weeks you move out to alternative accommodation after all.

You will share a room with bathroom with other students. Students’ halls of residence can be up to 1 hour away from the University. However, public transport is always available and services are regular and run until late into the night.


Most examinations in CLS are pieces of homework or written examinations. Oral examinations are held only if necessary. The examination phase always takes place following on from the period of lectures and lasts six weeks.

Specific features:

Online application is possible from 1.3. until 15.6. of a particular year.

In addition, a printed out application form which has been signed by the International Office and the Coordinator of International Affairs and the Learning Agreement must be sent by post to Prague. You will then receive an Acceptance Letter as well as an accommodation voucher.

The university’s  Erasmus page provides information about enrolment and cultural events (film evenings, trips for foreign students in the surrounding area which are often provided free of charge).

ELSA-Prague is also an important contact point for international students at the Faculty of Law.

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