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Uniwersytet Gdanksi (Gdansk-Poland)

Uniwersytet Gdanksi (Gdansk-Poland)


Uniwersytet Gdanski


The city of Gdansk was once part of the Hanseatic League, an alliance of merchant guilds and their market towns on the Polish Baltic coast with more than 450,000 inhabitants.




2 (2 x 9 months)


PL Gdansk 01

Semester dates:

Winter semester: the beginning of October until the end of January

Summer semester: mid-February until the beginning of June

Language requirements:

English: B2

It is not necessary to be able to speak Polish. Gdansk has an English-language programme, the “Polish and International Legal Studies programme” ( PILSP), comprising six courses per semester. Participating will give you 30 credits per semester.


You have the option of staying in a students’ hall of residence, however you would have to share your room in a hall of residence with another student. You will be notified a month before arriving whether you have received a place in a room.


Examinations consist in either written exams or homework and are held after the period of lectures (for the summer semester: until the first week in February; for the winter semester: until the end of June).

Specific features:

Every Erasmus student in Gdansk is allocated a mentor who helps him/her during their stay.

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