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LL.M. abroad

After the State Examination in the Compulsory Subject in Law or Second State Examination in Law possibilities open up to gain experience to obtain and acquire an additional qualification. Some examples are the Maîtrise or DEA in France as well as LL.M programmes offered by British, American, Canadian and many other universities.

It is sensible to obtain information about the application requirements in good time. These consist in the required grades, the deadlines, the recommendation letters and much more. Moreover, it should be noted that the programmes are fee-based. The amount of the fees charged varies considerably.

General information about LL.M. degree courses abroad as well as contact details for the universities can be found  undefinedhere.

Helpful databases about LL.M. study programmes include undefinedmasterportalundefinedllm-guide and undefined llmstudy. You can find support to help you apply (some of which you have to pay for) for foreign elite universities under:  undefinedgo-llm.com.

Should you have already opted for a foreign university and you need a transcript of records for your application you can find more informationundefined  here.

Specific information about LL.M. in the USA:

For many people completing a LL.M. degree course in the USA is a big ambition despite the associated costs. Therefore, you can find below a summary of information specifically relating to LL.M. degree courses in the USA.

First and foremost, Suffolk University Law School Boston’s LL.M. offerings are worth mentioning, for which undefined partial scholarships are offered. The German-American Lawyers' Association holds a three-day seminar in summer every year, in which you are informed about whether and from what points of view a graduate degree course (LL.M., M.C.L., M.P.A.) or an elective traineeship or an internship in the USA is to be recommended, which organisational procedures relating to applying to law schools, providers of scholarships and US elective traineeships need to be undertaken and what specific features you need to adjust yourself to when dealing with US law. You can find information on the undefinedWebsite of the DAJV in the guidance on the activities.

You can find an overview of scholarship types for LL.M. degree courses specifically in the USA sorted by countries of origin and specific groups of people on theundefined LLM.Info.com website. You can also find scholarships, which have been specifically designed, for law students here.

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