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LL.M. partial scholarships

For two students at Düsseldorf Faculty of Law part of the fees for a one-year LL.M. degree course at Suffolk University Law School can be waived. The fees at SULS normally amount to approx. $ 42,000 for the whole year.

Depending on the financial resources in Boston and the number of participants in the exchange programme in principle these fees can be waived by up to half. In recent years, it has regularly been possible to make a reduction in the amount of $10,000.


  • Passing the State Examination in the Compulsory Subject in Law by the end of April of the year in which the LL.M. is to be commenced
  • Other stipulations depend on SULS‘ requirements.

On top of the remaining university tuition fees (the overall fees minus the scholarship), the following are to be defrayed by the participants themselves:

  • Travel costs
  • Living costs
  • A furnished one room apartment close to the city costs from approx. $ 650 / month upwards, however more reasonably priced flats and shared flats are also available
  • approx. $ 1300 health insurance for one year ( Special rate for students – compulsory!)
  • approx. $ 300 textbooks per semester
  • approx. $ 59 local public transport / month (if necessary)

There are various possibilities available for funding your LL.M.

Applicants for the LL.M. partial scholarship must undergo the  normal SULS application procedure for the Master’s study programme.

After being accepted at Boston, HHU and SULS shall decide together about admission to the scholarship programme. However, acceptance to a SULS Master’s programme usually also means you are eligible for acceptance to the scholarship programme. Provided that no more than two Düsseldorf students have successfully applied for the SULS LL.M. programme, it is thus very probable that you will receive a scholarship. In order to gain more certainty you need to get in touch with the Coordinator of International Affairs as early as possible.

Düsseldorf students can substitute the following requirements for applying to the Master’s programme at SULS as below:

  • TOEFL test by way of:
    • Proof of participation in Anglo-American laws courses (in English – for example the Düsseldorf Supplementary study programme in Anglo-American Law), or
    • A stay of some length in an English speaking foreign country (during your degree course or legal traineeship)
  • Application via WES or LSAC by way of:
    • Two letters of recommendation from professors or law firms (Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Coordinator of International Affairs.)
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