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Informationen regarding the courses

On this page we inform about the courses at our faculty.


Information regarding the courses

1. Law lectures

You can initially choose from all law lectures.

An online overview of all the courses can be found  here. You can set the correct semester at the top right as well as changing the language. The relevant course overview can be found on the left by clicking on "University Calendar" -> "Faculty of Law" -> "Law study programme". This course overview will be released as early as three months before the beginning of the semester and so is ideally suited to drawing up an initial learning agreement for your home university. Logging in is not necessary just to look at the course overview.

2. Lectures at another faculty

There are some opportunities to attend courses at other faculties. Please ask the Coordinator of International Affairs whether this is possible for the specific lecture. Other faculty’s lectures can also be found  here.


Registering for lectures

You need to put together the lectures yourself and register for them. This can be done via the  Students Portal or directly via  HIS-LSF. Information about the Students Portal can be found here:

In an information event before the beginning of the semester, you will also be advised of the registration options. You will be notified of the date by email in good time.  You can also printout the lectures you have attended via the Students Portal.

In the first week of lectures, you can view more lectures than you wish to attend and decide on the actual lectures from the second or third week onwards. It is not necessary to de-register for the courses you do not wish to take.

Please enter any changes in the form "Changes to the Original Learning Agreement“ and give it to the Coordinator of International Affairs, so that she can make note of this, and check if you have achieved the required minimum number of credits.

In addition to lectures, you can also attend study groups (they are referred to as AGs since this is short for the German word for study groups: “Arbeitsgemeinschaften”).

AGs are offered to accompany lectures for the midterm examination (usually taken after four semesters at university). In particular, these are lectures on:

  • Criminal law (general provisions and specific provisions)
  • Civil law (general provisions, law of obligations - general provisions and specific provisions, as well as property law)
  • Public law (constitutional rights and administrative law).

You need to enrol for AGs in a special procedure in the first week of lectures via the Students Portal. The AGs are held in several groups and at various times. In order to get into a group when you have the time you need to take part in the allocation procedure and submit several AG choices.  Participation in study groups (that accompany lectures) is advisable specifically for Erasmus students, as the material is reviewed in more detail in relation to the lecture and in areas with relevance for examinations. Furthermore, you receive two credits for participating (if you have not been absent more than three times during one semester) and do not need to pass an extra examination in the AG. It is subject to testing together with the associated lecture in a single examination.

The beginning of the registration process will be announced on the homepage of the Faculty of Law. You can also find out about the registration options before the beginning of the semester at an information event. You will also be advised of the registration options. You will be notified of the date in good time in an information event before the beginning of the semester.

Language and law AG

Moreover, the AG Sprache und Recht (“Language and law AG”) is offered to accompany lectures on a regular basis. There is one session for beginners and one session for advanced students. The AG has been specially conceived for international students and enjoys great popularity. During the AG the methodology of case handling is discussed step by step.

Usually it is decided shortly before the beginning of the semester whether the AG Sprache und Recht will take place. The Coordinator of International Affairs will notify you in good time.

Classes on areas of focus are courses in special areas in which available knowledge in the classic areas of law are gone into in more detail or initial insights into other areas of law can be gained. In principle, you can also attend every class on areas of focus. The requirement allowing you to participate is that you have the requisite prior knowledge. Please approach the lecturer about this on the day of the first lecture at the latest.


English language classes:

The following English language law classes are offered:

Introduction to Anglo-American Legal Language:

  • The class is taught in the summer semester
  • It takes up two weekly semester hours
  • At the end of the semester, there is a test with multiple-choice questions
  • You will receive four credits

Advanced Anglo-American Law study programme:

  • The course takes up two semesters
  • This always begins in the winter semester
  • The course takes up four weekly semester hours per semester
  • At the end of each semester, there is a written examination
  • The course can also be attended for only one semester
  • You will receive eight credits per semester
  • If you attend both semesters, you will receive a separate certificate
  • You can find more information about this study programme here.

Other foreign language classes:

The Faculty of Law also offers some law courses in other languages:

  • An introduction to French legal language (summer and winter semester)
  • An introduction to Spanish legal language (only the winter semester)
  • An introduction to Italian legal language (only the winter semester)
  • An introduction to Polish legal language (only the winter semester)

You can also choose language courses.

The page with the offered German courses can be found here.

An overview of the languages offered at HHU can be found here.

A placement test for the language courses usually takes place in the first week of lectures. You must take part in this in order to subsequently be able to register for language courses. You will be notified about the dates of the placement tests in good time.

Here you can get information about our Summer Schools.

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