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Université de Paris X - Nanterre (Nanterre-France)

Université de Paris X - Nanterre (Nanterre-France)


Université de Paris X - Nanterre


Nanterre is a western suburb of Paris with approx. 90,000 inhabitants.




2 (2 x 10 months)

Semester dates:

Winter semester: the beginning of October until the end of January

Summer semester: the beginning of February until the end of May

You can find more information in the Academic Calendar.

Language requirements:

French: B1

You can attend intensive language courses which you need to pay for at  FETE.


The University has places in halls of residence; however, there are not enough for all foreign students. When registering, students need to indicate whether they want a place in a hall of residence. You should try to get a place in a hall of residence first, as there is a very large number of people competing for a small number of flats. If you stay in a hall of residence this will be with other Erasmus students.

Alternatively, you need to look for a private flat. You can find information about this under:  www.appartager.com.


As a rule, examinations are written exams and are held at the end of the semester. When choosing your subjects at the beginning of the semester you should make sure that the dates of the corresponding final examinations at the end of the semester do not clash. This can happen if you choose subjects from various semesters.

If you have 10/20 points and so fail the examinations most professors offer oral assessment tests (referred to as rattrapages oraux).

In order to have proof of lecture attendance after every lecture you should have a certificate of attendance and at least one record of academic achievement per semester issued.

Specific features:

For more information, take a look in the Guide for international students.

You can find information about enrolling in Nanterre under: http://international.u-paris10.fr/service-international/etudiants-entrants-incoming/europe/candidature-incoming-erasmus-europe-630376.kjsp?RH=1430205150832.

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