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Suffolk University Law School Boston

Suffolk University Law School is the fifth largest Law School in the USA. One of the reasons behind this is its specific offering with all lectures being held during the day as well as in the evening. This enables people in work to also have the opportunity to study at SULS.

In student rankings, SULS regularly performs outstandingly. The SULS is considered to be one of the most technically advanced law schools in the USA. All Düsseldorf students who have already completed a stay at SULS have been enthusiastic. The lectures, the building, the city and not least the good support at SULS, which is accessible at all times are praised by all former attendees.

SULS is housed in a grand building in the heart of gorgeous Boston. The library takes up three floors. In addition, SULS calls four moot court rooms its own. The largest room has a facility for video recording pleadings. From time to time real courts also sit here.

The lecture periods, followed by exams, are as follows:

  • Fall: the first Tuesday in September until mid-December
  • Spring: the last week in January until the end of April

Bridgett Sandusky is responsible for looking after the partnership programme on the part of SULS. The Chair, Prof. Dr. Kreuter-Kirchhof is in charge on the part of HHU.

The cooperation with Suffolk University Law School in Boston has been in place since February 2008 and consists in several programme components.

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