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Tilburg University

There is a close collaborative relationship with Tilburg University as part of the annual  undefinedSummer School on European Business Law that takes place in Düsseldorf. This is a joint project of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Tilburg University and the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf Faculty of Law. For more than ten years, the Summer School has been offering students, graduates and internees the possibility of attending a week of interactive lectures and workshops by well-known lecturers and discussing the specific features of European business law.

Tilburg University was founded when the School of Economics and Management was set up in 1927 and even today this is the largest faculty at the university. The Law School has been in existence since 1963. The university’s focus is also on the areas of economics and law. Moreover, it places great emphasis on an international orientation. Of 12,113 students, 1,238 are international students from a total of 95 nations. Tilburg Law School in particular has a strong international orientation, which is reflected in the fact that the majority of classes are offered in English, for example.undefined  Tilburg is a city in the south of the Netherlands and is located to the north west of Eindhoven.

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