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[General] Law Clinic

[General] Law Clinic - Legal Advice by Law Students

Do you have legal issues with your appartment, vacation, job or shopping on the Internet?

Many cases seem complex, but are not significant enough to involve a lawyer. Instead, Law Students at the University of DUesseldorf (as well as Bonn University) provide well-researched, qualified advice under the supervision of experienced lawyers and professors. You may use our form to ask any legal related question or explain your case.

However, to prevent excessive liability and to ensure professional advice, our service is limited to cases of 800 € or less. Additionally we reserve the right to reject cases inappropriate for analysis by students. Since the service is provided on a voluntary basis we cannot guarantee that every case will be resolved.

The service is free of charge (and we are legally obligated to reject any remuneration offered). However, the advising students are only liable for grossly negligent or intentional misconduct. Please check our undefinedlist of frequently asked questions

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